New Construction designer and builder


From ground up construction to additions, remodeling, and construction management, Green Planet Building provides services that create and upgrade your living or working space.


Green Planet Building is a design-build general contractor. Our design-build method produces project delivery in which one entity, our design-build team, works under a single contract to provide all design and construction services. We offer one integrated flow of work from initial concept through completion. Our design-build method is the single-source responsible for every aspect of the project.

Using this method, the designer and builder collaborate as a team, saving time and money and producing the best quality work.

With the design build method, Green Planet’s green building professionals are there to guide you through the project every step of the way.


We work as a team with the architect to ensure your project’s smooth progression from drawing board to completion.

Initial Consultation

In our free initial consultation, We sit down with you to review your design drawings and plans. This is the time to determine what additional information may be needed to move from drawing board to construction. With our trained architects and building team, we work out the details needed to successfully build your project.

Budgeting and project planning

The goal at this phase is to complete the designs with all the details and specifications necessary for quality construction completed on a timely basis. We use our valuable network to give you the highest quality project at the most competitive price. At the end of this phase, you will have a line item cost proposal and a project plan with construction specifications. At this point we will secure necessary permits.


Once construction is underway, We manage the daily flow of your construction project. Working as a team, we coordinate all the details that lead to successful project completion and total client satisfaction. We manage your project with full attention to all details.

Project Completion

Green Planet Building maintains close working relationships with many of our clients, working with them on multiple projects, allowing their living spaces to evolve as their needs grow and change over the years.

Kitchen bathroom and commercial remodeling


We provide a full range of residential construction services from new construction to home remodeling and additions.


Each remodeling project is unique, but the goal is always the same: provide durable, efficient, healthy, and beautiful space that empowers individuals by meeting their needs and reflecting their values.

Our goal is to make your home look better, feel better, and function better. Green Planet Building helps you increase the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home without putting undue stress on our natural resources.


The kitchen is the heart of every home. A Green Planet kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to add value to your home. We produce healthy quality kitchens that improve energy efficiency, and reduce indoor pollution. We use innovative design and the safest, best quality materials, conforming to your lifestyle, budget, and schedule.

Serenity, peace and quiet are among the rewards that a beautifully designed bathroom can provide. we provide stylish eco-friendly bathrooms that improve comfort, air quality, and lower utility bills. We incorporate eco-responsible products and resources that allow you to create the water-conserving, healthy, energy-wise bath you’ve always wanted — all within your budget!


We provide a full range of commercial construction services from building new commercial facilities to greening your business through eco-friendly remodeling and additions.

Greening your business attracts new customers and retains customers. It provides a healthy working environment. Green Planet also helps your business earn government credits for being ecologically sustainable.

We know the importance of keeping your business flowing. We do our very best to complete the construction process without interrupting your operations. We work around your schedule, even if that means doing the work at night.


Marketing your property to prospective tenants is a business of first impressions, and Green Planet Building makes sure that every impression is a good one. We are up to the task of creating high performance workspaces that are not only respectful of the environment, but are also efficient and cost effective.

Green Planet’s tenant improvement options result in lower operating costs, improved worker health and productivity, as well as reduced liability. Your tenants will be more comfortable and healthier, energy will be used more efficiently, and space be better utilized. Building green creates a positive reputation in the community not only for your property but for the tenant as well.


As Construction Manager, our role is to represent the Client’s interests as well as provide leadership during the entire construction project. We maintain a smooth work flow, assure on-time decision making, and establish a professional and productive working relationship between all entities involved in the project.

Green Planet Building helps a home owner or business owner lower it’s ecological footprint, known as a carbon footprint, by looking at it’s operation and coming up with alternatives. We offer our clients fully-integrated project delivery services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency.